Sacred Geometry Fullerene

What is Sacred Geometry Fullerene?
An object formed by stringing together crystal balls to form a shape that continually repeats the cycle of taking in and releasing cosmic energy.

How to use Fullerene everyday?
When fullerene is placed in space, it becomes a free energy device in which the energy of the cosmic root is constantly circulating, thus clearing the space and providing protection when placed in the four corners of a room.
Make you feel ease and peaceful by looking at it or holding it in your hands.Meditate with it in your hands to help balancing chakras.
Can be used as a Fullerene breathing tool.If you change the size of the crystal, you can use it as an accessory, such as earrings or a pendant. By carrying it around, your aura balances out and stabilized in harmony so that leads to contribute to people and the planet...and its value is limitless.
Why are they expansive?
Because of the materials used are high quality crystals from guaranteed manufacturer. Many sellers found not treating crystal beads skillfully/honestly. Also, Fullerenes made with tiny crystal beads require high weaving technique and takes longer than bigger ones so fewer produce. 

How does it work as "Energy circulating device"?
From scientific aspect, the energy resides in the water within empty space of Fullerene where molecular structures fuse and fragment. Water changes its bond angles 1 trillion times per second in its uncrystallized state. Thus the water can capture an infinite amount of information as "fractal memory". This 32-hedron structure allows fractal memory in the water inside the empty space of Fullerene which capture limitless information such as the energy of the Great Central Sun, the most powerful cosmic energy in the present universe. 


Aloha Uhane 369 (Yorie Uhane Akiba) 's Story

     A few years ago, I was on a spiritual retreat at an off-grid sanctuary on the Big Island of Hawaii. There, every morning the first thing I did was to look into the mirror, deep into my eyes and whisper "Aloha Uhane (Awaken, my spirit)".This sacred practice has guided me to connect with my mind, body, and spirit even after returning to Tokyo.

At that time, I was at the point where my body pains could not be ignored any longer. Every night in bed, my entire back and neck were tight and sour, could not breath smoothly, restless legs and chilled hands and feet kept me awake all night. These overwhelming pains were caused by years of physical overwork as a stage artist and I was desperately searching for a way to cure all of my chronic pains and cold body.

Through the course of various healing studies upon necessity, I gradually noticed my breathing had become quite shallow over the last ten years, which I was never aware of as an experienced voice trainer. I used to guide dozens of actors to speak with their natural voice. Yet my body was suffering with so much tension stored deep inside. So I began to be more conscious about breathing in ease, flow of blood and energy.

That's when I came across "Fullerene Breathing" developed by Ms.Takako Terasawa, founder of Sacred Geometry Fullerene. In order to practice Fullerene breathing smoothly, I first learned how to make Fullerene crystal ball. As I made more Fullerenes, I gradually began to think life in multi-demential point of view. 

This was the beginning of my "three-dimensional thinking," which commonly shared among Fullerene creators in Japan, that process of Fullerene making leads us to activate our left and right brain in balance and we can be more tuned in to ourselves. Then my emotions and feelings gradually became in peace and resilient. 

 This brought me so much joy and opportunities and even discover about Kanshoho, a muscle softening method invented in Japan in 2007. The flow of life guided me with the world's pandemic situation to remain in Japan and train intensively with this new modality with the inventor Takashi Sakato for 8 months.

After that, Yorie moved to Lana'i, and started to share with locals. Kanshoho method has been helping numbers of clients with better blood circulation and so on. I cannot thank enough to all beings I encountered upon the spiritual guidance. 

The number 369(pronounced "Miroku" in Japanese) holds infinite power. “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3,6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe “ said Nicola Tesla. The word Miroku also means of Maitreya Bodhisattva in Japan, Śaiva in India. 

Aloha Uhane 369 is a place to harmoniously connect Fullerene to any light beings, who love the powerful energy of the Great Central Sun, 100% pure love.

This portal is created by Yorie Uhane Akiba, a Pleiadian, naturalist, voice healer, experienced puppetry director, body worker/pain healer. As a certified Fullerene teacher, she creates/teaches Sacred Geometry Fullerenes on the island of Lana'i, Hawaii.

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