AAA High Grade Crystal Fullerene Hand held size 1.75 inches.


AAA High Grade Crystal Fullerene Hand held size 1.75 inches.
Made to order, please allow 2 to 7 days to ship.
It comes with a beautiful round package with cotton bed for Fullerene.

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The "Sacred Geometry Fullerene" is an object formed by connecting crystal balls to form a shape that cycles through taking in and releasing cosmic energy.
When placed in a room, it becomes a free energy device that constantly circulates the energy of the cosmic root, clearing the space and providing protection when placed in all four corners of the room.

Feel the difference in energy between just a common buckyballs and real Fullerenes. Fullerene circulates cosmic energy of Great Central Sun.

It can be used as an energy portal for healing,
awareness, purification, and many other things.

Its value is infinite ∞

How to Enjoy Fullerene

○By touching and seeing
○Decorate your living space by hanging
○Meditate with holding in hand
○Carry/wear and balance your energy
🌐Fullerenes love to bath with pure water/sun light

Sacred Geometry Fullerene are hand crafted by an experienced artist certified as official Fullerene premium creator based in Hawaii.

AAA High Quality Crystals

A versatile stone with excellent purification and energy enhancing properties.
Crystal has been revered as a sacred stone since ancient times, and is said to have been used in various rituals.
It has been loved all over the world as a "stone to ward off evil spirits" and a "stone to bring good fortune," warding off misfortune and evil and protecting us from danger.

The power of quartz is considered to be its
powerful cleansing power.
It is said to dispel all negative energies,
eliminate excesses, and restore the original clear
state, so it is recommended for people who feel
unwell lately or suffer from negative emotions.

It is also rich in luck-opening energy and will help you develop your talents, improve your intuition and insight, and increase your vitality. In fact, it is said that the best way to make a wish is with a clear crystal.
It can support all kinds of wishes, such as fulfilling a love affair, achieving a goal, or praying for good health.and expel toxins from the body.
It is said to be effective in increasing physical strength and immunity while relieving fatigue, fever, pain, colds, and diarrhea.

Buckyball, Sacred Geometry Fullerene

Buckyballs are the "ultimate shape of the strongest power" that Leonardo da Vinci was pursuing.
The Buckyball is a 32-hedron combination of regular pentagons and regular hexagons, also known as the Philosopher's Stone.

It is a nickname for the special fullerene molecule C60, which consists of 60 carbons connected in the shape of a soccer ball, and is currently attracting the attention of scientists around the world for the unknown power of this shape.

This shape is very good for energy circulation, and according to one theory, it is very similar to the structure of the earth's plates. It is also said to be one of the ultimate polyhedra that can purify itself and promote personal growth and soul growth.
Embodying this form in natural stone gives it great power!
It will be a reliable partner to help you on all levels of your life.

more about Fullerene :

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sacred Geometry Fullerene?

An object formed by stringing together crystal balls to form a shape that continually repeats the cycle of taking in and releasing cosmic energy.

How to use Fullerene everyday?

When fullerene is placed in space, it becomes a free energy device in which the energy of the cosmic root is constantly circulating, thus clearing the space and providing protection when placed in the four corners of a room.

Make you feel ease and peaceful by looking at it or holding it in your hands.

Meditate with it in your hands to help balancing chakras.

Can be used as a Fullerene breathing tool.

If you change the size of the crystal, you can use it as an accessory, such as earrings or a pendant. By carrying it around, your aura balances out and stabilized in harmony so that leads to contribute to people and the planet...and its value is limitless.

Do I need to wash Fullerene?

No, Fullerene itself is the light generating/circulating device so unlike crystal rocks or bracelets you don't need to clean to purify the energy.

However, since made with pure natural crystals, Fullerene LOVEs bathing with sunlight or natural water from time to time.

Why are they expansive?

Because of the material we use is pure high quality crystals from guaranteed manufacturer. There are many sellers don't treat crystal beads skillfully and deal honestly.

Fullerenes made with tiny crystal beads also require very high skill weaving technique and takes longer than bigger Fullerenes so fewer produce.

Most importantly, officially certified Fullerenes are transcribed Great Central Sun energy and it is very different from backy balls or other 32-hedron structures.

Can anyone make Fullerene?

Yes. We offer Online Fullerene making lesson for adults which takes 3 hours. Please find the ONLINE Lesson in item listings.

How does it work as "Energy circulating device"?

From scientific aspect, the energy resides in the water within empty space of Fullerene where molecular structures fuse and fragment. Water changes its bond angles 1 trillion times per second in its uncrystallized state. For this reason the water can capture an infinite amount of information which is called "fractal memory".

This 32-hedron structure allows fractal memory in the water inside the empty space of Fullerene which capture limitless information such as the energy of the Great Central Sun, the most powerful cosmic energy in the present universe. This energy route between the earth and Great Central Sun has been re-connected by cosmic communicator Takako Terasawa, founder of Sacred Geometry Fullerene since 2018.

Is there any more information about Sacred Geometry Fullerene?

Yes, they are. At this moment, these are available only in Japanese.

Sacred Geometry Fullerene by Founder Takako Terasawa

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