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This is a new concept of protection that has never been seen before.

Great Central Sun Energy Protection aka “Fullerene Protection" is an invisible "energetic magnetic field" or "spiritual magnetic field" that protects within the boundaries of the body.

This unique protection is used Sacred Geometry Fullerene crystal balls to fill each layer of client’s aura body with energy from the Great Central Sun, the most powerful cosmic energy of love.

This energy work protects our clients by guarding the boundaries of auras to prevent any negativity (personal/random thoughts, psychic attacks) from entering their astoral fields. At the same time, these auras filled with unconventional love of the universe are to bounce back the energy to the original sender with cosmic love which may refill sender’s unheard needs and stop stealing energy from others eventually.

Fullerene protection is an unprecedented concept of protection that returns the love of the universe to the negative energy.

In the past, protection was just to protect yourself, but now that the times have changed, the concept of protection has also changed.

From now on, we are required to become our own "energetic magnetic field" and "spiritual magnetic field".

With fullerene protection, one's vibrations become higher and stronger at the same time.
It is not enough to have high vibrations, but by making the vibrations stronger, you can influence the people around you.

When your vibrations are high and strong, you can raise the luck of the people around you, bring out their natural charm and abilities, and make them feel more attractive.

As a result, you will become a magnetic person, a magnetic field, and people, happiness, and wealth will come to you.
Fullerene Protection is a protection that can make you and others happy.

〜Comments from Fullerene Protection users

"The relationship with the person who was sending me negative energy has somehow faded and I have no contact with him/her anymore."

"I don't feel negative energy from people anymore."

"I no longer feel negative energy from other people. - I no longer worry about people I was uncomfortable with."

"I no longer feel tired in crowded places."

"I am surrounded by a sense of security that I am protected."

"My partner's consciousness has been transformed."

"My family became calmer and kinder than ever, resulting in a happy home."

"My family became calmer and kinder than ever, resulting in a happy home."

"I can't stop smiling and having fun every day."

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sacred Geometry Fullerene?

An object formed by stringing together crystal balls to form a shape that continually repeats the cycle of taking in and releasing cosmic energy.

How to use Fullerene everyday?

When fullerene is placed in space, it becomes a free energy device in which the energy of the cosmic root is constantly circulating, thus clearing the space and providing protection when placed in the four corners of a room.

Make you feel ease and peaceful by looking at it or holding it in your hands.

Meditate with it in your hands to help balancing chakras.

Can be used as a Fullerene breathing tool.

If you change the size of the crystal, you can use it as an accessory, such as earrings or a pendant. By carrying it around, your aura balances out and stabilized in harmony so that leads to contribute to people and the planet...and its value is limitless.

Do I need to wash Fullerene?

No, Fullerene itself is the light generating/circulating device so unlike crystal rocks or bracelets you don't need to clean to purify the energy.

However, since made with pure natural crystals, Fullerene LOVEs bathing with sunlight or natural water from time to time.

Why are they expansive?

Because of the material we use is pure high quality crystals from guaranteed manufacturer. There are many sellers don't treat crystal beads skillfully and deal honestly.

Fullerenes made with tiny crystal beads also require very high skill weaving technique and takes longer than bigger Fullerenes so fewer produce.

Most importantly, officially certified Fullerenes are transcribed Great Central Sun energy and it is very different from backy balls or other 32-hedron structures.

Can anyone make Fullerene?

Yes. We offer Online Fullerene making lesson for adults which takes 3 hours. Please find the ONLINE Lesson in item listings.

How does it work as "Energy circulating device"?

From scientific aspect, the energy resides in the water within empty space of Fullerene where molecular structures fuse and fragment. Water changes its bond angles 1 trillion times per second in its uncrystallized state. For this reason the water can capture an infinite amount of information which is called "fractal memory".

This 32-hedron structure allows fractal memory in the water inside the empty space of Fullerene which capture limitless information such as the energy of the Great Central Sun, the most powerful cosmic energy in the present universe. This energy route between the earth and Great Central Sun has been re-connected by cosmic communicator Takako Terasawa, founder of Sacred Geometry Fullerene since 2018.

Is there any more information about Sacred Geometry Fullerene?

Yes, they are. At this moment, these are available only in Japanese.


Sacred Geometry Fullerene by Founder Takako Terasawa

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